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 Cottage CASCADIA 1- appartment-


The Cascadia project in the heart of a park is part of the recreational and tourist center with accommodation at the Mud Bay Domain IPHO inc. It is distinguished by its originality, using wood, rocks, with a beautiful view of the lake.

It integrates itself harmoniously into a green landscape, giving this realisation a certain uniqueness, and soul where life is good, even for a moment.

This project in our hearts is filled with

emotions and serenity.

It stands out in its category for its originality, quality of materials, and pared-down artistic touch. It is a magical place away from noise and spatial. A must see ....



Atelier l’Oiseau Bleu – Cascadia Project

was NOMINATED for the 8th Edition

2015 Montreal Design Awards.

THE Park and The Lake

On more than 22 acres, the Mud Bay Domain facing Mac Gregor Lake and Mud Bay, in Val-des-Monts – Quebec – Canada, has a mission to offer you:

  • A Canadian environment for rejuvenation and for nature lovers coming from any country. Here, snow is our white gold, the Indian Summer our artistic pallet.

  • An idyllic site for businesses that are searching for calmness in order to enhance their work habits.

  • A site of natural health, dietetic advice and therapies of all sorts. A lieu to relax after the workday.

  • A cultural site with artistic works of sculptures in nature, and inside in the gallery, my gallery

Opening in 2019 on 6 acres of the BOTTICELLI Park with trails and spaces for your celebrations or weddings outdoor, and exhibitions.


Possibility of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing winter...


Cottage CASCADIA 2- appartment -


This apartment is in height with a terrace. Its surface is 1450 ft2. It consists of a bedroom with a double Walk'in closet with access to an East side terrace, a bathroom, an open concept living room and a beautiful bedroom on the mezzanine, all facing the lake. Large windows let natural light in and allow a beautiful view of the lake.

A large outdoor terrace surrounds the South and West side cottage. Access to the garden and the Domain are one of the privileges reserved to customers.

Inside the cottage, the floor is made of wood paneling and beams. The cottage itself is made of grooved solid wood.

The accommodations in this apartment are for 7 people overnight and can accommodate up to 12 to 15 people for business meetings or trainings.

The interior concept is warm and smells like wood. The space allows fine wellbeing or creative work. The exterior is more than inviting. Walks in the park are nice and far removed from noise pollution.

The cottage is equipped with a heat pump and with air conditioning. Everything is done in a way to restore calm and peace. Away from noise and pollution, it is a great place to meet, to come with loved ones, or work without being disturbed. Located on an isle of greenery, everything invites to a change of scene and paradisiac conditions.

Kitchen and Bath room of Cascadia 1

Cascadia 2

Lac Mac Gregor- Mud Bay

Cascadia 2 interior

Catering by Caterer

  Première Moisson

       Order 48h before arriving by            Domaine Baie Mud

20190721_152130 2.jpeg

The park is at your disposal in its entirety. You can wander around without hesitation and even give your classes or workshops outside when the weather is fair while admiring nature.

You may also admire the beautiful pallet of colors during the Indian Summer which inspires the pleasure to create.

During the Winter season, you may hike on snowshoes and explore on the Park.

Nevertheless, you must also take care of the site:


  • By respecting the fauna, the flora and other visitors. It is for these reasons that you may not smoke in the cottages or on the site. Hunting is also not permitting, except by means of photos.

  • You will be asked to respect the rest of others by turning your cell phones off.

  • To wander the grounds in silence.

  • To consume organic foods recommanded, without alcohol, except for pre-approved special occasions.

  • Vehicles will have to remain in the parking lot at the entrance of the park once your luggage has been brought up to your lodging. A service vehicle will then transport you from the parking lot to your cottage and vice versa.

  • Drugs are not permitted with the risk of being forced to leave the site without reimbursement. 


Point View- Park- Path

Bedrooms Cascadia 2

2015-09-03 07.17.07.jpeg

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