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New Tourism for Nature Lovers

Lake Mac Grégor- Mud Bay
Lake Mac Grégor Mud Bay
Lake Mac Grégor Mud Bay
Lake Mac Grégor Mud Bay
The way in Domaine Baie Mud
Domaine Baie Mud
Cottage Fantasia
Cottage Mosaïca
Cottage Cascadia
Domaine Baie Mud
Way for Cascadia 1
Point View on the lake Mac Grégor Mud Bay

Nature, culture and health at Domaine Baie Mud
with environmental protection, Eco-friendly and sustainable for the Future of healthy vision

 Monthly rentals
or made-to-measure by week

A unique design for each room

Appartments and Cottages  can be rented furnished

    Now monthly rentals of furnished apartments or Cottages:
up to 50% discount.

Our apartments in cottages

CASCADIA 1- apartment for 4 people- terrace view on the lake Mac Grégor Mud Bay

Our VIP Suite rooms

Oceania- Suite-  Queen bed- terrace and view on the garden

CASCADIA 2 - apartment  with 2 rooms-for 5 people - terrace and  view on the lake Mac Grégor-Mud Bay